Selected writings on everyday objects, our interactions with them, and the changing nature of work and play


Work Is Dead

review of the Museum of Modern Art's exhibit Workspheres: how the design of office spaces and furniture reflect anxieties and fantasies about work and productivity in a global age

Domus, April 2001


Notes from the Underground

analysis of New York City Transit Authority's new Number 2 and 6 line subway cars, redesigned by Antenna Design to improve seating, safety, and communications

New York Times Magazine October 1, 2000


Stock Options

design of a handheld wireless trading device enabling Goldman Sachs brokers at the New York Stock Exchange to jettison pencil-on-paper recording

I.D. Magazine, June-July 2000



on the design of slot machines: how interaction with the one-armed bandit is becoming more like playing a video game

I.D. Magazine, September-October 1999


The Ride

the business class airline seat as marketing myth and technological reality: how comfort and communications converge in the workplace-in-the-sky

I.D. Magazine, September-October 1995


Hot Buttons

a short history of the television remote control, illustrated with nine examples for the Thomson Consumer Electronics corporate archive

I.D. Magazine, May-June 1995